A Companion for your spiritual journey

Spiritual Counselor

Meeting with a spiritual counselor is an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience and connect with the deeper meaning of your life.

Using this ancient art also known as spiritual direction or spiritual companion, I will be with you and help you as the spirit works in you for growth and wholeness.

You may want to focus on where God is in your life or your relationship with God.

I can help you listen for and respond to the deep desires of your heart.

We can work together to sort out and work through feelings.

Sharing struggles, finding encouragement and working on discernment are some more reasons people meet with a spiritual counselor.

Life Consultant

So much of life just happens. Often we hardly notice the decisions and choices we make. But life has its seasons. When frustration, anxiety or stress mount up, it can he helpful to take account of where you are and how you got there.

Times of distress can be the best times to gain new insight about yourself and the world. As a life consultant, I will listen to you carefully as you describe your experience. I will help you listen to yourself and learn to recognize the patters and choices which may limit your connection with life. Our focus will be on what you are experiencing and your sense of what is true and life-giving for you.

Living is not a puzzle with just one solution. Within the limits and conditions of human existence, we each express the truths we value.. A life consultant can be a trusted partner in exploring and choosing a meaningful life.

About Larry Turpin

I received a certificate as a spiritual director at the Claret Center in Chicago, IL

I studied at Yale Divinity School and McCormick Theological Seminary and received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Chicago

I have had the privilege of working in partnership with the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions on a community organizing project. For 25 years, I met with two men who were on death row in Illinois; I supported them as they worked for and eventually won their freedom.

For many years people have shared their struggles, challenges, visions and experiences with me as a pastor. I have worked with them as they found relief and direction for their lives.    


to make an appointment with Larry Turpin email letfire1000@gmail.com

I am in Chicago area. I will arrange a place that is convenient for us to meet. I also meet with people using the phone or video apps.

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